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How to Start Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding dress shopping

It’s finally time to set up those appointments to try on wedding dresses; you’re getting married! The dress shopping experience should be one of most exciting parts of your wedding planning process. In addition, this article will help you become fully prepared to have a stress free and successful shopping experience. As a result, we will be going over all the details from finding your inspiration, researching the right shops for you, making appointments, inviting your best gals, and more! Let’s make finding your dream dress an experience to remember forever.

Vision and Inspiration

Wedding dress shopping

The first thing to do when wedding dress shopping is to collect your vision and inspirations. Ask yourself the following questions: What style of dresses do I take taste to? Am I looking for something traditional and classic or nontraditional and trendy? Are there any designers that I have my heart set on? Make a vision board on Pinterest with all of your favorite dresses and styles. Also, make sure to write down any specifics that you think a stylist at a dress shop may need to know or may be helpful. These could be things such as preferring lace over chiffon or long sleeves over strapless. Every bit of detail will help lead you to the right dress choices when trying on.


Wedding dress shopping

Next up is researching the right dress shops for you. Spend time digging on the computer and finding shops that carry brands and styles that you love in your area. Also, make sure that shops you are making appointments at are close within the dress budget your are trying to lean towards. This will be helpful so that you don’t try on a dress that you love, only to find out it is $10,000 out of your price range. That would be a bummer! In addition, most wedding dress shops have all the brands they carry on their website. If there is a specific name of a dress from a brand you are wanting to try on, don’t be afraid to call the shop and make sure they carry it before making an appointment with them.

Invites For Wedding Dress Shopping

wedding dress shopping

Now it’s time to pick up that phone or set up a group brunch to invite your best gals! Think about the women closest to you and most important in your life. These are the women you are going to want to share this special experience with. After that, make sure that the people that you will be inviting to dress shop with you are going to be positive and supportive. Also, keep in mind you don’t want a group too big. Too many other opinions can be overwhelming and confusing and may hinder you from making the decision you truly want. Choose women that will make the day that much better for you as a bride!


So, you finally have your vision, you did your dress shop research, and you invited your closest gals to share the experience. Now it is time to call and make those appointments. When booking appointments at dress shops, keep in mind that their peak times of the week are going to be Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday. To clarify, if you are wanting to make a weekend appointment, make sure you book at least a few weeks in advance. Depending on the shops you are interested in looking at, they may be in high demand and booked up this far out.  Don’t overwhelm yourself and make more than 2 different location appointments a day. Dress shopping takes time and you don’t want to rush the experience and make a drastic decision too fast without thinking it over.

Choosing Your Dress

Wedding dress shopping

Finally the day is here! Don’t forget to bring that photo inspiration with you to your shopping appointment. When trying potential dresses on, be sure to have a friend or family member take photos of the ones you love the most. This will help you keep a reference of your favorites and exactly what they looked like on you. Keep an open mind during your shopping experience and if there is a dress that you may want to try that is different from what you came in for, don’t be afraid to go for it! You may end up liking a different style on yourself than you initially thought. There will be lots of opinions floating around from the people you are with, but remember that this wedding day is yours and you need to make your final decision based on what you love the most. Choose the dress you feel most confident and beautiful in when you look in the mirror. That is the one!

Out of all of the above, the most important thing about your wedding dress shopping experience is to have fun and enjoy it! In conclusion, the process will go by fast and you want to be mentally present and in your happiest space through it all. Reference the info above and go find your gem.

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