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Elliot Pollaro and Carly Pollaro

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-Carly and Elliot

About Us

As a husband and wife team, we make a dynamic duo. As they say opposites attract, and that’s exactly what we are. We both bring different strengths and work together as the ultimate power team for weddings.

Carly is an extrovert with a planned and organized mentality. She is your creative communicator; outgoing and full of energy. She is great at making you feel comfortable during photo sessions and gives lots of positive direction.

Elliot is your creative brain. He is wonderful at finding the perfect lighting and picking up on small details during photo sessions. He is great at visualizing scenarios and pulling color schemes together to help everything seamlessly blend.

8+ Years Wedding Experience

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Together Carly and Elliot of A Nomadic Love are the ultimate power team for your wedding day. As a husband and wife team feeding off one another’s strengths, they can truly maximize on so many more elements than a single person. As avid travelers, they know the ins and outs of many different climates, locations, and circumstances. They are ready to help guide you through your ultimate wedding day. Having eloped in New Zealand themselves, they are ready to walk you through even the most intimate wedding experiences fully able to explain how to prepare and what to expect.

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