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Newport Beach Engagement Photos

Newport Beach has gotten quite the rain storms lately which has made it hard scheduling engagement photos. Every time we are here the weather is absolutely perfect, so its odd that its raining so much. Luckily, as we took photos during Brianne and David’s session in Crystal Cove, the weather turned around for us.

As the session starts, we have a beautiful warm sunset to work with. We are full of excitement as finally the sun comes out. Brianne and David are a beautiful couple and we had a blast with them while they played around in the sand and on the rock formations in Newport Beach. The hike back up from the beach was enjoyable as well. We learned all about both of them and how they met. All the love in the world and the biggest congrats to them on their engagement!

We are out here so often, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach is starting to become our second home. The weather and beaches are absolutely stunning! There are so many hidden beaches in this area. We love exploring and taking in all of the beautiful beach sunsets Orange County provides. We love this place and would move in a heartbeat. If you are looking for Newport Beach engagement photos or are interested in wedding photography, please reach out to us as we love this place!

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