A Nomadic Love

Jamestown Rhode Island Engagement

We were traveling through New England for most of July to visit family, as well as shoot quite a few engagement sessions out there. We had the pleasure of shooting Najla and Nicolas while we were in Newport Rhode Island. These two were filled with so much love, which made it so easy to capture their true emotion and feelings towards each other. We are over the moon with how this session turned out, as it is everything we had pictured going in to it and more. The specific spot for this shoot can be found at Beavertail State Park, this is where we held the entire Jamestown Rhode Island engagement. Congratulations to this gorgeous couple on a lifetime of happiness!

A Journey Through New England

Our travels across New England took us to many locations, each unique in its charm and beauty. The essence of this region, known for its rich history and picturesque landscapes, provided the perfect backdrop for engagement sessions, infusing each photo with a sense of story and place.

Capturing Love in Newport, Rhode Island

Meeting Najla and Nicolas in Newport was a highlight of our trip. Their deep connection and evident love for each other made our task as photographers both effortless and immensely rewarding. It was a joy to witness and capture the true emotions and tender moments they shared.

The Magic of Beavertail State Park

The choice of Beavertail State Park for their Jamestown Rhode Island engagement session couldn’t have been more apt. This location, known for its stunning coastal views and natural beauty, added an extra layer of romance and allure to the photographs. The park’s scenic beauty perfectly complemented the couple’s love story, making it an unforgettable session.

A Session to Remember

We are thrilled with how this engagement session turned out. It was everything we envisioned and more. The combination of the couple’s genuine love, the scenic beauty of Beavertail State Park, and the magic of Newport came together to create a set of images that truly reflect the essence of Najla and Nicolas’ relationship.

Congratulations to Najla and Nicolas

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Najla and Nicolas on their engagement. Their love story, set against the beautiful backdrop of Jamestown, Rhode Island, is a testament to the beauty of true love. We wish them a lifetime of happiness and joy as they embark on this exciting new chapter together.