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Mountain Elopement in the Countryside

This mountain elopement was a result of the pandemic of 2020. It has taken so many engaged couples on a rollercoaster ride of their lives. Many plans have had to change and this time is very stressful for anyone who is planning a wedding. Mery and Stu were amongst these couples of 2020.


They were originally supposed to have a large wedding in Boston, Massachusetts on September 5th of this year, but Covid-19 made other arrangements for them. They decided that it would be best to postpone their large wedding to 2021 and instead do a small elopement on their original wedding date.

Mountain Elopement

Planning a Mountain Elopement

Mery reached out to Elliot and I and we helped her plan the elopement of her dreams. She sent me pictures of her bridal jumpsuit by Rime Arodaky (which was stunning). From this, I sent her some ideas of locations that fit for them. We landed on a perfect location in Oklahoma for this organic, natural elopement. Together, we came up with color schemes for her bouquet, Stu’s suit details, and everything in between.

The day was beautiful, and it was great to be able to get them officially married. We are excited for them to have their big beautiful celebration in 2021, but were so happy that we were able to give them such a memorable and intimate elopement of their dreams.

I have to say, elopements are definitely on the top of our list to photograph. There is so much fun planning that goes into these and everyone has such a unique vision. We love to help bring everything to life! Cheers to making it happen!

If you are planning on eloping and have any questions feel free to contact us!