A Nomadic Love

Cave of Munits Engagement

Hannah and Lucas were so much fun to work with and are quite the adventurous couple! Originally, we had a completely different style of engagement session planned. Due to the unexpected heavy rains in Southern California, we loaded up for a change in plans. At first, we were worried that we may have to call the session off. We asked Hannah and Lucas if they would be up for our adventurous back up plan to get soaked in the rain. We told them we had the idea of hiking up to the Cave of Munits. This would involve climbing high inside the cave to shoot a sexy and intimate engagement session that we had visioned in our heads. Luckily, they were completely down with the idea that we had.

When we met the day of, we all wore our hiking gear and began our trek up the trail toward the Cave of Munits. It was super slippery and muddy throughout our entire journey. As we reached the cave, we realized just how high up we had to climb with our bear hands. Everyone was up for the challenge, so we all helped each other. After a few slips and falls made our way into the dark holes of the cave. The entire session was super intimate and we were lucky enough to have to whole cave to ourselves.

The whole trip was quite and bonding one and one that I believe none of us will ever forget. We are happy to have made a new set of friends that like to do just as crazy and adventurous things as us. We wish all the best to Hannah and Lucas on their engagement and a lifetime of happiness. Hopefully there will be a part two to this madness that everyone will hopefully be looking forward to in the future.