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Great Gatsby Themed Green Gables Estate Wedding

The Green Gables Estate wedding venue in San Marcos is one of a kind. As you walk up the garden path and through the historic forest, you will be transported to an enchanting secluded wonderland that is exclusively yours for the day. This landmark garden estate, surrounded by ivycovered arbors, blooming rose gardens, trickling fountains, picturesque statuary, and thousands of bright twinkling lights, will provide the perfect scenery for your preparations before reciting your vows. High on a breezy hilltop, this completely private and secluded venue opens exclusively for your ceremony and reception. Choose from three outdoor ceremony sites, each of which is shaded for the comfort of you and your guests. This openair, natural setting is the perfect option for the DIY couple who can choose an inhouse arch or bring their own unique backdrop. 

Enchanting Garden Path and Historic Forest Ambiance

As you approach the Green Gables Estate, the garden path welcomes you into a world of enchantment. The historic forest surrounding the estate adds a layer of mystique and tranquility, setting the stage for an extraordinary wedding day. This initial walk is more than a physical journey; it’s a transition into a magical setting reserved just for you.

Green Gables Estate Wedding

A Landmark Garden Estate of Beauty and Romance

The heart of the Green Gables Estate is its landmark garden, a setting straight out of a romantic novel. Adorned with ivy-covered arbors, blooming rose gardens, and serene fountains, the estate offers a picturesque backdrop for your wedding preparations. The addition of statues and thousands of twinkling lights creates an atmosphere of whimsical elegance, perfect for capturing beautiful moments before the vows.

A Private, Secluded Venue with Breathtaking Views

Positioned on a breezy hilltop, the Green Gables Estate offers complete privacy and seclusion. This exclusive feature ensures that your wedding ceremony and reception are intimate affairs, with the stunning natural beauty of San Marcos as your backdrop. The elevated location not only provides tranquility but also affords panoramic views that will leave your guests in awe.

Green Gables Estate Wedding

Multiple Outdoor Ceremony Sites with Comfort and Style

Catering to diverse preferences, the estate boasts three distinct outdoor ceremony sites. Each site is thoughtfully shaded, ensuring the comfort of you and your guests under the Californian sky. These settings provide a natural, open-air environment that is both elegant and adaptable to your personal style.

Ideal for the DIY Couple with Flexible Options

The Green Gables Estate is a haven for DIY couples, offering the flexibility to personalize the space. Whether you opt for the estate’s in-house arch or bring your own unique backdrop, the venue accommodates your creative vision. This flexibility is ideal for couples who wish to infuse their personality and style into their wedding day.

Green Gables Estate Wedding


A wedding at the Green Gables Estate is more than just a celebration; it’s an immersion into a secluded wonderland filled with beauty, history, and romance. For couples looking for a venue that offers both natural splendor and personalized options in San Marcos, the Green Gables Estate stands out as a fairy-tale choice for your most cherished day.