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Getting Engaged and the Next Steps

getting engaged

Yay! You’re getting engaged! How excited are you that your time is finally here? I bet you are over the moon! Before you know it you will be walking down the aisle and officially be married. Therefore, that means that you have lots to do over the next few months. Below are a 5 helpful pointers on where to begin now that you officially said yes to the person of your dreams.

#1. Enjoy Getting Engaged

getting engaged

This sounds so simple, but it is so true! The first thing you should do when you are getting engaged is take it all in. Just celebrate and enjoy each other for a little while. There is plenty of time to plan a wedding, but your engagement will feel like it came and went in a flash. Spread the word to your friends and family in a fun way. Throw a little party or a celebratory night out with the ones you are closest to. Flaunt that ring and that special word “fiancé”. As a result, you will be happy you took a step back and some time to just “be” a newly engaged couple.

#2. Decide on a Budget

Now it’s time to get in to the deeper priorities. First thing is first; agree on a budget between the two of you for your wedding experience. Here’s a little tip: Everything “wedding” is expensive so, prioritize what is most important to least. In addition, take in to consideration both sides and opinions. This will help you decide on what you want to spend the big bulk of your finances on and where you can cut costs as well. When you have a budget, this makes it much easier to decide on important things like how big your wedding can actually be, venues that are realistic, and location ideas that make sense. 

#3: Get Your Guest List in Order

getting engaged

This can be a tough one, because at first you likely will feel like you need to invite everyone in your life so that there are no hurt feelings. Realistically, it is your big day, so first and foremost invite the people closest to you that you truly want to be there. From that point, you can go through each side and see who else you have room for, by what your budget allows. Don’t forget about those plus ones as well because there will be a cost per head that will creep up on you for things like food and alcohol.

#4: Choose a Date and Venue

Now it is time to officially choose a date and venue. Both of these go fast! If a special date is important to you and your fiancé, reach out to the venues that are at the top of your list as soon as possible and ask them if they are available. Make appointments to visit those venues and ask all the questions. What is the capacity of guests they hold? Do they have both an indoor and outdoor option if there is rain? Are tables and chairs included? Are there additional fees involved? Once you choose a date and venue, sign that contract to finalize. 

#5: Find a Photographer

getting engaged

Photography will be a HUGE part of your wedding. Think about it, once the day is over your photos will be the only thing you can take away and have for the rest of your life. They are your most special memories! Because of this, photographers book out fast and if you have a popular date, you better believe your dream photographer may already be taken! This is something to hop on as soon as you have your date and venue. Reach out to photographers you love and find the one that best suits you. In addition, make sure to lock them in ASAP and get those engagement photos going.

In conclusion, hopefully this gives you a good starting place, and it will be much easier for you to get to the finish line with less stress on your shoulders. Your planning process should be fun, so enjoy every moment of it. Now go! Start putting together your dream wedding!