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San Diego Wedding Photographer - Blacks Beach

This engagement session at Black’s Beach in San Diego, California was quite a funny story. Emily, Danny, Elliot and I will always remember. Elliot and I were trying to find a unique beach in southern California that was quiet enough to photograph on. A beach without lots of tourists swarming around. We came across Black’s Beach and immediately was taken in by the beauty of the unique black looking sand and amazing scenery surrounding the area. As a result, it was a must for our photo session! If you are in the hunt for a San Diego wedding photographer you will want to see this session!

The Beach

When arriving at the location, we began photographing these two while walking down a steep cliff that opened up to the beach. About halfway down, we noticed a man in his mid 60’s enjoying life feeding seagulls. Now are you ready for the super entertaining part? He was not just any man feeding the seagulls, he was a butt naked man feeding the seagulls. In addition, we looked down about a quarter mile to the right of us on the beach, there were more naked humans lounging around on their blankets.

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At this point, we all looked at each other and began cracking up. “Are you realizing what I am realizing?” Everyone is coming to terms with the fact that we missed a small detail of this beautiful beach. No wonder it’s so “at peace”. It was a nude beach! Luckily we all have an open mind and none of us get offensive. It was actually an amazing ice breaker haha!

As we began to photograph Emily and Danny down on the black sand of the beach, everything came together. The lighting, the tones, the movement; it all was so magical. These two did an amazing job and took direction so well, while enjoying each other and just letting themselves be “in the moment”. We had a blast hanging out with them! Elliot and I are so happy for what the future holds for them as a couple.

In conclusion, we have been in love with southern California for many years. Consider us as your San Diego wedding photographer of choice. Feel free to shoot us a message on our contact page to learn more about the services we offer.