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Orange County Wedding Photographer

Orange County Wedding Photographer

Enjoy the intricate details of a gorgeous Californian locale! There is nothing better than the spirited nature of Orange County. This beautiful region offers a wide array of awe-inspiring views. Many epic locations that make for the perfect set of wedding photos. The hidden gems in this serene location are going to bring a smile to your face. As seasoned Orange County wedding photographer, A Nomadic Love can help.

We take pride in offering a wonderful selection of options for those who want to personalize their photo experience. We help couples bring their images to life in a unique way. Here are the beautiful nuances of taking wedding photos in the heart of Orange County.

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Key Locations in Orange County

Irvine Regional Park

When it comes to a more nature-oriented backdrop that is going to let those browns and neutral tones pop, there is nothing better than the heralded Irvine Regional Park. This is a part of Orange County that is heralded for illustrating what type of natural beauty lies here. Being able to take your wedding photos with this backdrop is a no brainer.

It’s engaging, unique, and has all the right touches needed to make your wedding day photos sparkle. If you are looking to go for a more natural, authentic look then you will want to start here. Your photos are going to be great with the help of a qualified Orange County wedding photographer. Your love will shine in a whole new light.

Balboa Island

Balboa Island is all about those unforgettable marine backdrops. These eye-catching, romantic, locations have just enough spirit to make you want to stay forever.

This part of Orange County is renowned for offering some of the most inspiring weather in the region. You are going to understand the joy of Balboa and the community as soon as you settle in.

If you want to enjoy the spark that comes along with Balboa Island then you will want to enjoy the perks of this romantic location. It is truly remarkable and will blow you away in a matter of seconds.

It’s also the perfect spot for your wedding photos.

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Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is a winner in all regards when it comes to understanding the scenic, earthier, and artistic elements of Orange County.

Get down to the core of what makes this region special. We recommend to make a day trip and find all of the secret hidden beaches. There are fascinating spots that each have stories of their own. Did you know the Beach Boys played private concerts down on some of these beaches? From epic sunsets to beautiful surf in lush coves these are natural elements that help make Orange County a unique melting pot.

Being able to enjoy the perfect weather, gorgeous beaches and hidden coves will blow you away while also making your wedding photos ten times better!

Oak Canyon Nature Center

For those who are looking to go for a more organic, easy-going location that is going to bring a smile to their face, it might be time to head over to the gorgeous Oak Canyon Nature Center.

This mesmerizing location is one of the most heartfelt hotspots for wedding photos. You are going to see the love emanating from every inch of this gorgeous area and that is what makes it special.

If you are someone that is in love with the natural elements of Orange County, this is the right spot for you. Your photos will stand out in a good way!

lido marina village
Lido Marina Village

Want to go for a more marina look that is in tune with your preferences as a ocean lover?

There is nothing better than bringing the love of your life and luxury sailboats into one beautiful photo. This is where Lido Marina Village stands out as you look at the impressive boating docks all around you while taking photos among the beautiful walkways.

It’s an experience that is impossible to ignore and is going to make you beam from ear to ear. For those who are thinking about going with the best location in the heart of Orange County, this is right up there with the best of them.

A Nomadic Love

What Makes A Nomadic Love a Top Choice

Years of Experience

A Nomadic Love is noted for being the best Orange County wedding photographer because the team has over 5 years of experience.

Carly and Elliot have been working in the region for years and has helped many couples with their photographic needs. Whether it’s time to take a photo alongside the gorgeous greens of Pelican Hill Resort or on the beautiful shores of Laguna Beach, this team has done it all in Orange County.

About our Team

This is a team that’s familiar with the area and understands what makes Orange County special. You are going to want a team that is capable of capturing those delicate and candid moments that are essential.

Enjoy the perks that come along with a trusted photographer, as A Nomadic Love has your back. The team knows everything about the area and will always help you find those hidden gems around the region.


There is a certain passion and dedication that is needed when it comes to taking the best wedding photos. You are going to need a team that has your best interests at heart and understands the delicate nuances of luxury wedding photography.

Our dedication will be noticeable from day one. You are going to enjoy all that comes along with a setup geared towards your needs. As an Orange County wedding photographer, passion is never going to be a problem.

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Beautiful Photos

Taking beautiful photos comes down to trusting your photographer and doing your own research, as well as looking at reviews. There is nothing worse than taking photos and being let down.

If you want high-quality images that are candid, well-edited, and look great then A Nomadic Love is the ultimate fit for your needs.

This is a team that goes above and beyond to work with you and your vision.

Fully Personalized Experience

Personalization is the name of the game when it comes to wedding photos.

You need a team that is ready to work with your vision. A Nomadic Love has a tremendous amount of expertise when it comes to managing different wedding day occurrences, therefore providing perfection every single time.

For those interested in getting a wonderful set of wedding photos, please take the time to reach out and speak to Carly and Elliot for more information. A Nomadic Love is all about taking the time to understand your vision and needs as a leading Orange County wedding photographer. Our team is passionate, professional, and always puts you first as a couple.

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