If you are looking for a gown that is a combination of unique, elegant, edgy, and everything in between, this gown is for you. The Nala gown by One Day Bridal is made of intricate beading, high quality fabric and features a low open back that is classy and compliments the body perfectly. The gown below is in a editorial style manner, but there are many different ways to wear the Nala with a more covered look.

Elliot and I have had our eyes on this gown for a few years now, waiting for the right time and place to photograph it. The story of this photo shoot is actually quite humorous and not at all what we originally had envisioned, but we are so glad that our last minute change of plans worked out even better than our original vision! It has been unusually cold the past few weeks out in Southern California. We were looking to photograph this dress in Joshua Tree, but flooding, high winds and snow was in the forecast. This was such a typical thing to happen to Elliot and I. With many back to back couples sessions, last minute before we hopped on the plane over to LAX, we decided to change the date we were going to photograph the dress. Quickly, we decided on sunrise the day after we arrived.

With no model anymore, and a 6:30am start time, Elliot is suggesting that I be the one to slide into the gown. We drove out to this location early in the morning in the complete dark. We have never photographed here before and did not know which way to go. Not to mention, it was 29 degrees at this location on this fine morning. Due to the cold weather and a fast rising sun, we had a rough 45 minutes or less of good lighting.

This photo shoot turned out so magical in the end. It was everything we hoped to get through the lens and more, and completely worth braving that freezing cold weather! We want to give a special thanks to One Day Bridal and En Blanc for believing in us and our vision on this project. We are so excited to share this amazing gown with you all.


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