When we initially met Lindsay, she mentioned how she was planning a local wedding in DFW. After a few weeks in to planning, she realized just how crazy it can get planning a traditional wedding. We got back in touch and she mentioned to us that she had canceled her local venue. She began to mention the idea of an elopement or small intimate wedding to me. I was ecstatic as she told me about this idea. Elliot and I mentioned that we had eloped ourselves, and it was personally the best decision we ever made. A few weeks later, they decided to finalize the decision to get married in Zion National Park, Utah.

On October 8th, we flew in to Las Vegas Airport, rented a car, and drove two hours to Zion. Lindsay’s parents were nice enough to put us up in a beautiful house right outside of the park. I can not explain how gracious these families were to us and how much they went out of their way to accommodate us. We were so appreciative of it all. We were able to capture Lindsay and Ross’s love story in the middle of the desert and it was absolutely breathtaking.

After the wedding, we drove Ross and Lindsay to a different location inside of Zion National Park, where we all hiked a mile in to an epic location. Lindsay was a trooper for hiking all that way up rocks and sketchy pathways in her dress. I am so glad they were so adventurous and willing to do anything for us.

This couple is one for the books, and we will forever have a special story and friendship with these two lovebirds. We could not be more happy for them as newlyweds. We love you guys!!!



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