Including Your Dog in Your Engagement Photos

Dog Engagement Photos

Whether you have a new puppy or a dog that has been there through some of the most monumental moments of your life, there’s no denying that you consider them part of the family. Your dog has never judged you, is always there to offer kisses, and will forever be your number one fan. So, maybe you want them to be a part of your engagement photos. Is this a realistic idea? Yes!  We are about to give you all of the insight on how to include your dog in this special part of your life without feeling overwhelmed.

We will be going over 3 major topics in this article. First, we will discuss how to ask your potential wedding photographer about including your dog in your engagement session. Second, you will be educated with tips and tricks on how to prepare yourselves and your fur babies for their fun experience. Lastly, we will discuss what to do when they are finished with their shining moments in front of the camera. 

Ok, so how the heck do you ask your photographer without feeling totally weird?

Dog Engagement Photos

Don’t worry; it is actually quite a bit more common than you think! Many couples include their dogs in their engagement photos. It has become a pretty popular thing. If you think you may want to include your dog in any of your photos, first and foremost, you should ask your photographer. Initially, ask if they are dog friendly, have dogs of their own, or familiar with animals in general. Next, you should ask them if they have ever worked with dogs in front of their camera before. If the answer is yes and you are feeling comfortable, educate them on your dog. Let them know information such as the size of your dog, temperament, and any key advice about your fur baby that you think would be beneficial for them to know ahead of time.

Are you stressing the day before about bringing them along for the ride?

Dog Engagement Photos

Don’t stress; there are many ways to make the entire process smoother. The night before the photo shoot, make sure you have a small bag packed of your dog’s favorite treats. Include a treat that is their favorite reward, so that they will sit and be still for the photos. This will make it easier so that your photographer can hold the bag of treats above his/ or her head to get the perfect shots (and of course reward him/ her right after).  Next, make sure to pack a lint roller (or two) in your personal bag. This could be crucial for you depending on how much your dog sheds. Last, make sure you let your dog do the deed and sniff around the area you will be doing your photos in at least 10 minutes before the session starts. Remember, they have been sitting anxiously in the car waiting to see where their shofar has brought them. Depending on your dog’s personality, the initial hyperactivity after exiting the car may be overwhelming.  This will make it easier for you to control him/ her by the time the photographer arrives.

So what if you only want your dog there for the first half of the photo session?

Dog Engagement Photos

That is a great question, and totally possible! You may be wondering how do we pull this off without the entire second half of the photo shoot being a nightmare, having to watch our dog or continue to re-tie him/ her up. The best way to steer clear from this problem is bringing a friend or family member to the first part of your engagement session. There are a number of positive things that come from doing this. The first is having someone to hold the treats for the photographer if there is only one photographer. Secondly, they can hold your dog while you all are walking around, so that you don’t have to be full of dog hair during the entire photo shoot. Lastly, when you are finished with the first half of the session including your dog, your friend or family member can take them home for you. This way, you don’t have to have stress or worry about what to do with your dog for the rest of your photo session. You can relax and enjoy your significant other for the remaining photo time.

Including your dog in your engagement photos doesn’t have to be a nerve-racking process.

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Coming to your photo session prepared and ready is the key to a more successful experience. Follow these tips and tricks and everything will turn out wonderful. Also, you will have some amazing photos that will be cherished forever!

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