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Engagement Photo Outfits for Your Inspiration


engagement photo outfits

Having trouble finding engagement photo outfits and what colors to wear for your engagement session?

It’s an important decision as this can tremendously effect how your photos turn out. A key guideline to follow is to compliment your fiancé as well as your environment. Avoid neon colors, crazy patterns and stripes. Intense, bold colors or patterns will overpower your images and take away from your location choice as well as your fiancé. Therefore, stick to earth tones and neutrals as these work in most situations. In addition, to make it easy on you both, listed below are outfit color schemes based on your location choice.

Oceanside or Beach:

engagement photo outfits

If your location of choice is near the ocean or on a beach, go with natural colors for your engagement photo outfits that you would normally see there. Whites, tans, and denims work great and compliment this area very well. If you are in a more tropical beach area olives and blacks work great too.

City Engagement Photo Outfits:

engagement photo outfits

Into the city vibe? Formal looks work very well in the city! A nice dress complimented by your fiance in a suit. If that’s not your jam, you can wear denim and grey while your fiance sports the all black look. As a result, these colors go great together in the city and can be mixed around to fit your needs. If you want to be bolder with your looks you both could wear black leather jackets with black denim jeans. Just be sure to break up the jackets with white and grey shirts.

Forest or Grasslands:

engagement photo outfits

For super lush or green grassy areas, it is important to not dress too bold. Typically, these areas are very rich in color which makes it easy to clash outfit wise. The standard would be to go with browns, blacks, or olives and use whites or creams to break up the outfits some.

If you are feeling more daring, earthy maroons and earthy navy’s can be used but they are harder to pull off. In rare cases earthy pastels like yellow, teal, orange or reds can be used just be sure to compliment it with a cream or white.

Desert Engagement Photo Outfits:

engagement photo outfits

The desert is very neutral, so this setting gives a lot of flexibility. Denims, tans, olives, creams, blacks and browns all work great here. You can get a little creative by adding in a floral dress or even a bold color just make sure to compliment your fiancé with a white or tan, shirt mixed with brown or black jeans.


mountain elopement

For rocky landscapes and mountains, it’s good to dress somewhat warm. Flannels and Sherpa jackets look amazing in photos and add a lot of character. If you’re not feeling that vibe then you can go with nudes, taupe’s, and dark browns. Dark navy’s and olives also work well in these settings. Be sure to look at the color of the landscape and try to compliment it as much as possible


unique wedding dress

If you want to try a more elaborate color style that looks amazing in camera go for the monochromatic look. This look is achieved by combining only one- or two-color shades close in the color wheel spectrum. These colors must also match or compliment the colors of your location. For example, if your location is the desert you would be in a cream dress and your fiancé would wear a cream shirt with brown slacks. With this combination both of you would fit into the environment perfectly. This approach can be difficult, but if pulled off correctly it is absolutely beautiful. Many Hollywood films use this color scheme method.

A helpful idea would be to put together a mood board of your vision to see how your outfit color choices and environment complement each other. If you are still having trouble you can use our Pinterest color scheme inspiration board as a tool to find other outfit color ideas.

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