A Nomadic Love

Boho Engagement Photos For The Offbeat Bride

Over the weekend, we drove out to the middle of nowhere in Lawton, Oklahoma, where we shot a mixture of sunset and sunrise boho engagement photos. Sidney and Sam wanted to venture out and do something unique and adventurous. We found some amazing locations where this session was taken place and could not be more pleased with how it came together. We try and find unique photo locations for our clients. As elopement photographers with a sense of adventure we want the very best for our couples.  These two brought so much fire for their boho engagement photos and trusted us completely with our vision. We are so happy to have met this beautiful couple. Elliot and I can not wait until it is time to shoot their wedding next year!

Unique Locations for a Unique Love Story

Our mission as elopement photographers is to discover locations that are not just beautiful but also deeply resonate with the unique stories of our couples. In Lawton, we found such places – breathtaking spots that became the canvas for Sidney and Sam’s engagement session. These locations, remote and undisturbed, provided the perfect backdrop for our boho-themed shoot, reflecting the couple’s desire for something distinct and adventurous.

A Session Filled with Passion and Trust

Sidney and Sam brought an incredible energy to their session, their passion igniting each photograph with a raw and natural beauty. Their trust in our vision allowed us to explore creative avenues, resulting in images that are not just photographs but true representations of their bond. This level of trust and openness is what transforms a photo session into a memorable adventure.

Boho Engagement Photos

The Journey Continues: Anticipating the Wedding

Meeting and working with Sidney and Sam has been a joy, and the connection we’ve built during this engagement session makes us even more excited for their upcoming wedding. Their boho engagement photos are just the beginning of their visual love story, and we, Elliot and I, are eagerly waiting to capture the next chapter on their wedding day next year.


Our weekend in Lawton, Oklahoma, for Sidney and Sam’s boho engagement photos was an incredible experience. It’s sessions like these that reinforce our love for photography and our commitment to capturing unique, adventurous love stories. We’re reminded that each couple brings their own fire, their own story, and it’s our privilege to turn those stories into lasting memories.